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Here’s why males hair grooming business is booming globally

People of all ages and from each and every corner of the world, are now flocking to hair restoration centers to get that young look back.

In the earlier days it was the females who made each and every work to retain their appears but now the males have grow to be pretty conscious of their look and leave no stone unturned to look their pretty finest. To look young, one could want a great quantity of hair on the head and balding, specially at a young age, tends to make the individual look older and the youthful look requires a beating. Thus men and women of all ages and from each and every corner of the world, are now flocking to hair restoration centers to get that young look back.

Cashing in on this rush of patients, a significant quantity of transplant clinics have abruptly mushroomed and medical doctors, with small or no knowledge at all, are taking benefit of the scenario, not realizing that hair restoration and transplants are pretty delicate procedures and demand immense knowledge to give that all-natural look to the patient, who has come to you with terrific faith and a massive quantity of expectations.Dr. Pradeep Sethi, Co-founder of Eugenix, MD, AIIMS, New Delhi and Dr. Arika Bansal, Alumni, MBBS, MD AIIMS New Delhi says the quantity of persons approaching us at Eugenix for hair restoration.Here it will have to be described that though the benefits at Eugenix are amongst the finest in the world, we nonetheless make a concerted work to do even greater, to bring a smile on these even most tricky circumstances, to restore their appears and self-confidence, and, to understate, that is what provides us pleasure also.

Safety of patients Is The Topmost Priority During Treatment In Covid

Dr. Pradeep Sethi, Co-founder of Eugenix hair Sciences says that we have generally been cautious with our patients and their accompanying procedures, but this pandemic has altered all the equations and compelled us to grow to be even more so, for the security of our patients and also that of our employees and attending medical doctors.

At the starting of this illness, that started a year ago, we suspended all procedures and closed our doors to even out patients. During this time we sterilized our complete setup and isolated our employees inside our compound. After testing our employees and medical doctors, we steadily opened to pretty couple of procedures per week, that also when the quantity of active circumstances began declining and the lockdown, which was enforced by our government, started to steadily open up, added Dr Sethi.

Every patient who came immediately after that, had to have a Covid PCR adverse report, not more than 24 to 48 hours old and was told not to bring any attendant inside our center. Our attending employees had been masked and wore sterilized gloves and maintained social distancing with the patient. Limited employees had been permitted in the operation area, that also immediately after donning a PPE kit and taking all due precautions. The patient also had to alter into sterilized OT clothing and provided a fresh face mask and sanitized just before getting taken into the operation area for the process, stated Dr Sethi.

Till today, our employees and medical doctors are frequently tested and anybody with even the slightest complaints is quickly isolated and dealt with accordingly. All required precautions are taken to make sure the security of our patients and, of course, our complete group of medical doctors and employees, with no whom we will not be in a position to budge even an inch, informed Dr. Sethi.

Latest Enhancement In Technology Of Hair Transplant Treatment

Dr. Arika Bansal, Co – Founder of Eugenix Hair Sciences informed that the FUE, or Follicular Unit Extraction, strategy is the most common one made use of by absolutely everyone in the world. In this strategy, the grafts are extracted and preserved in a remedy. Slits are then made in the recipient region and the extracted grafts then implanted one by one.

Dr. Arika Bansal stated, “We use the DHT, or Direct Hair Transplant, technique. This is an advanced modification of the FUE method and has been invented by our team of doctors.

The Procedure

Dr. Arika Bansal, Alumni, MBBS, MD AIIMS New Delhi said, “In this technique, the slits are made first in the recipient area. The grafts are then extracted from the donor area and implanted immediately and simultaneously with the help of blunt implanters into the pre-made slits in the recipient area.

“The advantages of this method are that the slits are made first and the grafts, after extraction, are immediately implanted into these pre-made slits, thus reducing the time that the grafts are kept outside the body. This prevents the grafts from any damage that can occur due to it’s prolonged period outside the body and also mishandling that can possibly take place” added Dr. Bansal.

“The uptake of the grafts is vastly improved and the results are far better, besides making the post operative time less and more comfortable. Thus boasting of an almost 100% success rate and this, along with our immense experience of almost 13 years in this field, coupled with the dedication of our doctors and our well trained staff, is what makes Eugenix stand out heads above any other in this field. That is the reason that Eugenix today is considered the best in this country and amongst the top 5 in the world in the field of hair Transplantation and we strive tirelessly to be the best in the world, which is well within our reach” Dr. Sethi closed the statement.


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