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US approves Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine: What are the benefits of the vaccine?

Johnson &amp Johnson’s vaccine’s efficacy price came out to be 72% in the clinical...

Milind Soman’s Pinkathon Mascot Started Running At 93. She’s 105 Now

<!-- -->Man Kaur, 105, with actor and fitness enthusiast Milind Soman.Milind Soman, actor, fitness...

Oh Orchha! Here’s what tends to make Madhya Pradesh’s hidden gem a must stop by for travelers

Established in the early 16th century by the Bundela chieftain Rudra Pratap Singh, the...


Colour, culture, cuisine! Rajasthan goes into new typical mode with Maru Mahotsav festival

The festival showcases the colourful culture of Rajasthan by means of many activities, competitions,...

A police museum showcasing traces of Phoolan Devi, Nirbhay Gujjar, other dacoits to be set up in Madhya Pradesh

Though the state police and dacoits from distinct gangs shared an antagonistic partnership, the...

Bihar’s Patna Museum: First ever museum biennale

The Biennale is anticipated by art lovers and guests as a important initiative of...



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