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TheSpuzz is a young digital news publication. We focus on the news that matters to the Millennials and Gen-Z. We curate and create key content on Finance, Tech, Startup, International, and Lifestyle news!

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Through our independent reportage, analysis, and commentary the focus here is “KEY” content that matters the most to the millennial populous, in this buzzled world on media and news.

Journalists are dependent upon the salaries from their media houses and media houses are dependent either upon advertisements or on state funds. Both ways, media houses have to somehow compromise with the content to suit well with the target audience of advertiser or funder.

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To err is human!

Apart from creating key content that matters the most, we also curate the best content across the web. While our team endeavors to work with utmost flawlessness and accuracy, we are also mindful of the fact that mistakes need to be corrected promptly. We own up to any error quickly and completely.

Any corrections, clarifications, and retractions requests can be sent to editor[@]thespuzz.com for its redressal, subject to approval from our editorial team.