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Bihar’s Patna Museum: First ever museum biennale

The Biennale is anticipated by art lovers and guests as a important initiative of Bihar’s cultural calendar of 2021.

By Suman Bajpai,

When we believe of museums, we believe of vast corridors of art and artefacts lined neatly to be examined and contemplated by guests. But it is not like this. These days dynamic components of exploring history and objects of art are discovering their way into museum cultures. These modern museums have completely changed the notion of displaying and presentation of objects.


The Bihar Museum, situated in Patna, is one of the biggest museums in India and one of the most ambitious projects undertaken by a state government in India. The museum galleries chronologically illustrate the history of Bihar and its effect on the subcontinent.

Biennale-a new dimension

Organized by the Department of Arts, Culture and Youth affairs, Government of Bihar, Bihar Museum Biennale will be held from 22-28 March, 2021 at the museum premises in Patna. This very first ever Museum Biennale in the nation and the planet will open on March 22 on the auspicious occasion of Bihar Divas giving a gateway to the richness and treasures of Indian museums and also bringing collectively a highlight of important collections from several museums across the planet. Its aim to sensitize the significance of a museum culture

The inauguration will be held at the Bihar Museum in presence of Nitish Kumar, Chief Minister of Bihar, Anjani Kumar Singh, the Nodal Officer of the Bihar Museum and Advisor to the Chief Minister and Deepak Anand, Director, Bihar Museum and a couple of choose invited dignitaries. The publication, Bihar, India and the World: Celebrating Museum Collections, which comprises detailed facts of the 12 key national participating museums, which has been compiled for the goal of the Bihar Museum Biennale, will also be launched at the inaugural occasion.

Discussion on several elements

In this week-extended occasion, several discussion sessions will take location. Interesting subjects like, how can we strategy living culture as an vital infrastructure to the shaping of our collective history and legacy, How do we shape, type, and navigate the history of the modern with its entailed connection with ‘the past,’ can museum cultures and museums as institutions be instrumental in creating bridges of understanding across cultures, persons, and generation in our increasingly fragmented planet, how do we most effective make sure representation of the marginalised and the sidestepped to give voice to a more ‘whole’ civic society, and more will be explored.

The Biennale is anticipated by art lovers and guests as a important initiative of Bihar’s cultural calendar of 2021. During the course of the seven days, specifically curated virtual tours of the participating national and international museums will be streamed on line as properly as at the Bihar Museum in Patna. Some of the participating museums from India are Assam State Museum City Palace Museum, Udaipur Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya, Mumbai Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya, Bhopal Kanha Museum of Life and Art, and lots of more.

(The author is a properly-recognized travel writer. Views expressed are individual and do not reflect the position or policy of the TheSpuzz Online.)

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