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Viral Video: Woman Tries To Kiss Husband During Zoom Call, His Reaction Divides Viewers

A lady was noticed attempting to kiss her husband as he spoke to other folks more than a video conferencing hyperlink.

A lady was noticed attempting to kiss her husband in the course of a Zoom get in touch with in a video which has now gone viral on social media. In the quick clip, the man was noticed speaking about the GDP with headphones on when his wife entered the space. Presumably unaware that he was getting watched by other folks on the video conferencing hyperlink, she bent down to location a peck on his cheek. 

The husband was noticed quickly dodging the kiss and pointing to his screen, explaining that he was on get in touch with. Annoyed at the interruption, he was also heard asking his wife “What nonsense are you doing”.

The video gained interest right after it was shared by businessman Harsh Goenka on Twitter. “Zoom call …..so funny,” he wrote though sharing it. Watch the video beneath:

Since getting posted on the microblogging platform, the video has racked up more than half a million views and hundreds of comments. 

While lots of felt that the husband’s annoyed reaction was justified, other folks felt he really should have handled the scenario differently. 

Among these who commented on his “grouchiness” was businessman Anand Mahindra. “Haha. I nominate the lady as the Wife of the Year,” he wrote though responding to Mr Goenka’s post. “And if the husband had been more indulgent and flattered, I would have nominated them for Couple of the Year but he forfeited that because of his grouchiness!”

Others had been in agreement with Mr Mahindra.

Some named it the “ultimate work from home blunder”. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Zoom blunders have come to be a category in themselves, thanks to the rise of video calls and on the net meetings.

Last month, a conversation amongst a doctor and his wife went viral right after he got vaccinated devoid of her. In the video which was extensively circulated on the net, the wife was heard berating her husband for acquiring the Covid vaccine devoid of her.

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