A leopard was filmed approaching a group of folks in an uncommon sighting.

Surprising footage that surfaced on line yesterday shows a leopard approaching a group of folks and playing with them. This uncommon behaviour from a wild animal has raised issues amongst wildlife authorities and forest officials, with some speculating that the leopard may perhaps have been hand-reared and consequently used to the presence of humans.

In India, the private possession of endangered cats, such as leopards, is prohibited. 

In the video, which was reportedly filmed at the Tirthan Valley in Himachal Pradesh, the significant cat was observed walking up to a group of folks standing on a roadside. While some folks scrambled to get away, 1 stood nonetheless as the leopard approached and attempted to climb him playfully. Another man was then filmed playing with the significant cat in a scene that has raised eyebrows on social media.

Footage of the leopard’s strange behaviour started to go viral yesterday and gained additional consideration following it was posted on Twitter by Indian Forest Service officer Parveen Kaswan.

“Not able to read behaviours of this leopard. Behaving strangely,” he wrote, also criticising the behaviour of folks standing about the leopard. “People are not behaving better though. Videos circulating since evening. From HP.”

In the comments section, Mr Kaswan added that the leopard looked like a domesticated 1 and may perhaps have escaped from some estate. 

This theory was seconded by senior IFS officer Ramesh Pandey. “This is possible in case of hand reared animals. Needs further investigation. The trend of keeping wild animals as pet can result in such unusual recoveries or surprising sightings,” Mr Pandey wrote, calling the trend “worrisome”.

He additional clarified that maintaining leopards as pets is a crime in India. 

Footage of the playful leopard has been viewed thousands of occasions more than on social media, exactly where it has left several stunned. A quantity of folks also criticised the group filmed playing with the animal as “foolish” and “dumb”. 


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