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Vantage Circle: Keeping employees happy

Vantage Circle was initiated in the year 2014 by two childhood buddies, Partha Neog and Anjan Pathak, who had a dream of beginning anything of their personal. Having worked in the IT and technologies sector for practically two decades, each have been confident that it was exactly where they could utilise their experience when reaching the objectives that they had set for themselves. They have been capable to make, launch, and obtain the accomplishment that Vantage Circle has today due to the ideal possibilities, guidance, and suggestions implemented at the ideal time.

Vantage Circle is a application-as-a-service (SaaS) employee engagement resolution that makes use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine understanding (ML) to provide an straightforward-to-use and uncomplicated resolution to the customers. “It incorporates rewards points, on-spot recognition, peer-to-peer appreciation, and unique awards which results in better functionality of employees, working culture which in the end benefits the organisation,” says Pathak, co-founder and CTO, Vantage Circle.

In uncomplicated terms, Vantage Circle is a one-cease employee advantage and engagement platform created to amplify engagement and transform the way men and women work, connect, and really feel. It has accomplished more than 1.5 million users’ help in the present day, says Pathak, who has spent the initial 17 years of his profession brainstorming, designing, and architecting various e-commerce applications in nations like the UK and other components of Europe.

The company’s suite of options, namely, Vantage Rewards, Vantage Perks, Vantage Fit, and Vantage Pulse, has been created to address the conscious will need to improve the productivity of a workforce by presenting a excellent employee encounter. Vantage Circle has some significant names amongst its clientele, which includes Infosys, Cognizant, Paypal, GE, Wipro, HCL, and so forth.

“Vantage Circle started out as a deals and discounts programme for employees at the start of our early days,” says Pathak. However, quickly they stumbled upon the idea of employee engagement programmes which the Indian corporate culture was lacking. The most important concept was to equip HR specialists with a channel via which they could handle the intricacies of offering a stellar employee encounter.

Vantage Circle understands that managing human sources effectively, satisfying their necessities, and surprising (not shocking!) them is a humongous process, says Pathak. To overcome any deviations in these tasks, it offers an integrated platform to the corporate neighborhood with a selection of possibilities of unbeatable perks and engagement activities for their workers. Corporate discounts on exclusive and on the net bargains and one of a kind Vantage Points are the highlights of the platform.

Vantage Circle is a bootstrapped firm. “Some like-minded people who trusted in its goals and vision, externally funded Vantage Circle,” says Pathak. With a powerful focus on enhancing AI and automation, Vantage Circle plans to extend its services to other components of the world as nicely, exactly where via its study,it has identified the will need of extensive employee engagement options to enhance the work culture. “To achieve so, the next immediate plan is to remove any potential communication barriers by incorporating multiplelanguage accessibility into our platform,” he informs.

During the time when corporations are bound to adopt digitisation, Vantage Circle’s enhanced AI has presented a holistic strategy towards enhancing workplace wellness and work culture, the company’s co-founder &amp CTO summarises.

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