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Meet Shreyaa Sumi, a Game-Changer in the Modeling Industry

For every person pondering girls are not permitted to fly, “Shreyaa Sumi” is the name to look forward to for motivation and ideologies. Not only is she a massive brand face in the business but she is also a gorgeous and Dynamic International Model with a diverse arsenal of beauty facets. Achieving as early as in her 20’s is one such diva, Shreyaa Sumi.&nbsp

Shreyaa Sumi is a Self-made lady whose husband and mother supported her a lot in her journey, and she has risen to fame with a lot of tough work and exertion. Her determination swept a lot of awards and accolades for the marvelous work completed by her in the field of Fashion and Arts. Shreyaa Sumi won the beauty Pageant “Mrs. India 2020” in Chennai. Later, she kept on the track by winning the Title ”Radiant beauty of Mrs. South Asia World 2020” held in the USA. Other than that, Shreyaa Sumi has also appeared for a lot of brand shoots, E-Commerce, industrial shoots and even acted in brief films which has acclaimed her a lot of appraisals. Aiming to work additional in various ads and in the Kollywood business. She is settled in California, USA, Shreyaa sumi has managed to balance her work life and individual life by maintaining each nicely occupied.

She strives additional to be the most effective function model to her daughter. Shreyaa sumi lives her passion and dreams and is confident sufficient to live it out and she is all on her personal way competing herself to beat down the previous accolades and win new laurels. She opt for modelling and the massive screen not only for the fame and limelight but due to the fact she wanted to express herself and be the voice to other individuals. Shreyaa sumi would appreciate to continue to do so by performing films for a social result in and spreading awareness and positivity amongst the masses. One more purpose for the widespread of her tenderness

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