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Golden Globe Honors Foundation commends Global Leaders for their philanthropic efforts

Believing in the humanitarian mindset of the society, Golden Globe Honors Foundation has felicitated worldwide leaders across the world with a Medallion of Solidarity and a Certificate of Honor for their exemplary philanthropic work in society. The leaders honored integrated the Prime Minister of India- Narendra Modi, the President of Russia- Vladimir Putin, Leader of the Opposition in Israel- Benjamin Netanyahu, and the Former Prime Minister of Japan- Shinzo Abe.

These honors are accomplished maintaining in thoughts the impeccable contribution Mother Teresa made to set the humanitarian benchmark in the nation. Following her footsteps, these worldwide leaders have manifested their spot amongst the Exclusive Big Heart Philanthropists of the world by the Golden Globe Honors Foundation.

Talking about the initiative of honoring the ones who place all their sources for the betterment of other people, CEO and Founder of the organization, Dr. Bharath Chandran(HC) says, “I believe that it is the responsibility of every individual to contribute for the betterment of the community from where we belong. As Mother Teresa truly said that nobody can single-handedly bring a change but together we can cast stones across the waters to create ripples. I solicit that the privileged should listen to the voice of the disadvantaged, for, a privileged person without mercy, is an awful philistine.”

“The greatest leader is not the one who does wonderful factors but the one who gets other people to do wonderful factors. We are collectively the creators of the future of the world, we have to have to add seats to the table. We are not taking away seats, but in reality, we are fulfilling the have to have to involve every person. This is for the betterment of everyone’s world’’, he additional added.

Working diligently to congregate, join, empower, and honor the voices speaking out for societal upliftment and atmosphere protection, Golden Globe Honors Foundation is on a mission to motivate and recognize the active involvement of the Exclusive Big Hearts comprising of Philanthropists, Global Leaders, Super Humanitarians, and Environmentalists from the field of science, arts, culture, advertising study, social welfare, charity, commerce, sports, education, and also Artists, Entertainers, Performers, Models, Musicians, and Entrepreneurs. They are performing a commendable job of bringing individuals collectively across boundaries and generations to fight for the popular lead to of the betterment of humanity.

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