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“Bestie Is What?”: Goa Power Department’s Latest On Twitter

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Consumers have been complaining of power cuts in peak summer.(Representational)

The Goa Electricity Department’s Twitter handle continued to spread smiles today with its candid responses to consumers suffering due to the power cuts in peak summer. 

The handle, which has been interacting with users over the past two days with familiarity and a personal touch, today asked a Twitter user what “bestie” means. 

Following the department’s tweets that he/she was not a hacker, the user had tweeted, “Other brands’ Twitter accounts call you bestie, Goa Electricity Department confirms they’re not a hacker.”

To this, the Goa electricity department’s handle asked, “Bestie is what?”

The response delighted Twitter users and set off another round of sharing screenshots and raving about the person operating the electricity department’s handle.

While one user said the person operating the handle “deserves a raise”, another complimented the operators as “unbearably cute”.

The electricity department’s tweets went viral after the person operating it shared the frustration with the power cuts.

In the now-deleted tweet, the handle wrote, “I also have no lights and would be anytime fadding aways from you all until supply restored and mobile and laptop charged.”

Many on social media were surprised by the candid response, with one user aptly commenting that the it is a “somewhat funny reminder that it’s real people who are behind these accounts”.

When one user responded with a shocked “What?”, the handle replied, “Why What??? or why surprise??? I am also a consumer like you now out of office but only a dept person on twitter. No special service to me I go through the same route as you all to find better solutions and to pass it on if any.”

Many started wondering if the electricity department’s handle had been hacked. Then came the response: “I do not think a hacker would work so late to loose his sleep & interact with you all in a pleasing way & providing correct info They hack to cause destruction of some kind. No hack here pls note.”

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