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A Recognised Name in the Fashion Industry ‘Chad Meihuizen’ is a must to comply with on Social Media

Social media is a great way to learn about the newest things in town. Whether you want to learn something new about fashion, culture, or celebs, you can update yourself through various platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. However, if you are interested in the fashion industry, the right choice of platform will be Instagram. All the big celebrities, models, fashion designers, etc are on Instagram. Following them, you can easily learn about new fashion trends and styles of the world. Today, we bring you a profile of a model who can be a great help for you in staying updated regarding men’s fashion.

Chad Meihuizen is a model and fashion content creator. Born in Cape Town, South Africa, he is currently following his passion for living. From the past few decades in the modelling industry, he has worked with a wide variety of  clients like Guess, Armani and Calvin Klein just to name a few. 

What makes him a good model?

With a strong work ethic and a self deprecating way about him, makes Chad a sort after model. When asked about his longevity in the industry, “it still surprises when I get confirmed on a job. I struggle with imposter syndrome…I think we all do to a degree. “

Striking Looks

If we say he is a black beauty, it’s not wrong. The man got a handsome look, great body, amazing jawline, and intimidating eyes. 

The Phenomenal Style

In the fashion profession, besides good looks, the high demand from a model is how many different styles he can offer. The thing is Chad is known for adopting various moods and styles in shoots which is why he is getting a high range of modelling projects. If you visit his Instagram, you can see that with every photo, he is giving different vibes and suitable good looks according to the content of the shots. Every photo shows a different style of Chad. No wonder he is getting famous on Instagram and has more than 29k followers.  

Stunning Personality

Chad’s energetic personality with unique looks stands out in the crowd. Never to take himself too serious, Chad understands what a privilege its been to be consistently working in an extremely competitive industry. “I’m going up against guys in their 20s…It keeps me motivated and hungry”Although it’s not enough to describe Chad Meihuizen, we have to end this article here. If you want to check out Chad, click here for his Instagram.

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