In a piece of great news for flyers, passengers carrying no verify-in luggage get concessions in flight tickets! According to a circular issued by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), airlines have been directed to provide concessions in flight ticket rates to passengers who carry no baggage. The circular reads that the airfares charged by the airlines consist of charges of some of the services rendered by them. However, based on the feedback, the DGCA has decided that typically many services offered by the airlines by the airlines may possibly not be necessary by the flyers though traveling.

These services are preferential seating, meal or snack or drink charges (except for water), charges for employing airline lounges, verify-in baggage charges, sports gear charges, music instrument charges, and costs for particular declaration of precious baggage.

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Check-in baggage charge: As component of the airline baggage policy, airlines will be permitted to provide absolutely free baggage allowance as nicely as “Zero Baggage or No Check-In baggage fares”. However, the flyers buying tickets below the scheme will have to not carry verify-in baggage at the airline counter. If they carry verify-in luggage, “reasonable charges” will be levied, the DGCA mentioned in the circular.

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