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Travel throughout COVID-19 2nd wave: More than 95 per cent of travel bookings are for one-way trips: Rajiv Subramanian, Cleartrip

Rajiv Subramanian,VP, Cleartrip

How will India’s travel segment tackle muted travel bookings that have cast a shadow on it throughout the second wave of COVID-19? With numerous Indian travellers now confined to their residences and staying secure indoors, travel bookings have been hit. For numerous travellers, chronic tension and fatigue have been crucial components throughout the second wave of the pandemic. Yet staying indoors is viewed as a lifesaver for most Indians at this point of time. Emergency travel, on the other hand, is on the rise as individuals continue to move to other cities for improved healthcare facilities.
Trends also indicate that interstate emergency travel is mainly driving cab bookings as individuals are hesitant to take flights or travel by trains due to security issues.

Given how the second wave of the pandemic has impacted travel bookings, TheSpuzz Online reached out to Rajiv Subramanian, VP, Cleartrip to recognize the present travel trends and what can be anticipated in the coming months.

What are the crucial travel booking trends Cleartrip has noticed and more importantly, in which routes and cities?
In the last month, nonmetro share has seen an enhance. Mumbai-Varanasi, Delhi-Patna, Bengaluru-Patna are the top rated 3 booked routes.

Can you elaborate more on emergency travel connected bookings?
In the last one month, we have noticed that almost 90% of the bookings are for travel inside a week and more than 95% of the bookings are for one-way trips.

These trends indicate that most travellers are traveling only for emergency purposes and not for planned trips.

We had seen equivalent trends last year throughout the very first wave and anticipate this to ease as self-assurance returns.

Any crucial travel trends in states exactly where lockdown has been extended and to what extent is it emergency travel or work connected/family connected travel?

As anticipated, travel to leisure destinations has come down significantly as there is largely emergency travel taking spot.

Any other crucial booking patterns you anticipate in the coming months based on present insights?

The upcoming festive season would be important for the general travel sector.

We hope to see a affordable enhance like last year, with accelerated vaccination coupled with the general demand sentiment turning positive.

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