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‘Surrender, or…’: Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw’s message to Pakistan – This and 10 other information about 1971 war

3. In response, the Indian Air Force flew about 4000 sorties in the western front and close to two thousand in the east. PAF could provide tiny in retaliation with about 2800 and 30 sorties on the two fronts. IAF continued to raid forward air bases in Pakistan till the finish of the war.

4. The Indian Navy’s Western Naval Command effectively performed a surprise attack on Karachi port below the codename Trident on the evening of December 4-5.

5. Pakistan had also mobilized its troops along the western front. The Indian Army retaliated and captured a number of thousand kilometers of Pakistani territory.

6. Pakistan suffered the maximum casualty with about 8000 dead and 25,000 wounded, though India lost 3000 soldiers and 12,000 had been wounded.

7. The Mukti Bahini guerrillas in East Pakistan joined hands with the Indian forces to fight against Pakistani troops in the east. They received weapons and coaching from the Indian Army.

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