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Rayssa Leal Won Olympic Medal At 13. You May Know Her From This Old Viral Video

Rayssa Leal went viral at the age of seven for skateboarding in a fairy princess costume.

The official deal with of the Olympics applied a well-liked meme template to congratulate Brazil’s Rayssa Leal, who won the silver medal in the very first women’s street skateboarding occasion in Tokyo on Monday. Sharing photos of the young achiever as an amateur skateboarder, dressed as a fairy, and as a expert holding her board at the Olympics, the Committee’s Twitter deal with stated, “How it started” and “How it’s going”. The Committee followed it up with an “updated” image which showed the athlete with her silver medal. She was amongst the teenage skateboarders who bagged the prime 3 spots in the event’s inaugural look at the Summer Games this year.

Even ahead of her Olympic triumph, Ms Leal had gained immense recognition as a seven-year-old. A video of hers, which had gone viral in 2015, showed her attempting to land on her heelflip although jumping more than a set of stairs. She failed in her very first two attempts, possibly having hurt, also. But on her third attempt, she managed a ideal landing.

The video had gone viral on-line and the small girl was dubbed a “fairy princess” then mainly because of her outfit. The clip is obtainable on her Instagram web page.

She has grown in her profession considering the fact that the two unsuccessful attempts. In 2019, throughout the very first Street League Skateboarding world tour occasion, Ms Leal came in third. Later the exact same year, in July, she grabbed the very first spot. She has then competed in numerous international tournaments and certified for the Olympics inaugural skateboarding occasion this year.

Many people today praised her work and lauded her achievement at the Tokyo Olympics.

After seeing the image of Ms Leal dressed as a fairy, a Twitter user stated she now believed in fairies.

Another user stated she could be an inspiration to lots of children in the world.

One user posted a montage of videos and photos from Ms Leal’s initial days to now, when she has turn into an Olympic medalist.

A fourth user stated the believed of an Olympic winner at the age of 13 in itself is “gnarly”.

Another Twitter user just wrote “butterfly skates” and posted emojis of a butterfly, skateboard, and yellow face with smiling eyes.

Momiji Nishiya, 13, won gold and 16-year-old Funa Nakayama won bronze at the occasion. Both of them are from Japan.

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