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While the complete nation is struggling to rise above the second wave of Covid-19 there are some nasty folks who believe this is the time to take benefit of the predicament and they have begun to sell fake Covid medication. This racket has been exposed in most areas and has left absolutely everyone disgusted. Mouni Roy took to her social media account not too long ago and shared photographs and videos of the fake medicines that had been made in substantial quantities. The Made In China actress named the scamsters ‘scum’ who mixed salt and glucose and had been promoting each and every unit for Rs 5000.

Mouni took to her Instagram account and sharing photographs and videos, she wrote, “HEINOUS !!!” At loss for words for how utterly livid and shaken I am at this discovery. Shame of the highest, most reprehensible order. We can all collectively agree that a lot of measures had been not taken in stopping the spread of the deadly second strain. A unanimous understanding, yes. Investigations will be underway. This is intentional, premeditated evil unleashed on numerous vulnerable folks. Instead of a life saving medication, these scum mixed salt and glucose and promoting the doses for 5000 / – a piece, ”

She additional wrote, “Hands helplessly extended in one last ditch effort of hope… only to be lied to. Let us ride together and condemn this demonic act. Let us demand the full weight of the legal system to come down with such earth slamming force, that no one ever thinks of perpetrating such disgusting acts ever again. Terrified & hope this is stopped IMMEDIATELY 🙏 (sic) ”

The Gujrat police is stated to have busted a fake covid medicine scam on Saturday. They had been arrested seven folks from 3 cities such as Morbi, Ahmedabad and Surat.

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