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Luxury housing segment redefining buyers’ prospects of secure living

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Luxury homes are seeing an increase in demand among HNIs and NRIs. However, the luxury elements are not the only factor luring homebuyers into purchasing such homes. Homebuyers are also drawn to lavish homes because of the world-class security they offer. Consequently, the demand for luxury homes in the real estate market is currently surging due to the safe and secure environment a luxury home offers for leading a luxurious and care-free way of life.

Homebuyers today perceive security in a variety of ways. According to realty experts, high net-worth individuals are currently looking out for high-end estates and mansions within gated communities to ensure the safety and security of their families. Moreover, they prefer buying luxury properties from reputed real estate developers who go above and beyond to fortify luxury real estate properties.

Investors have good reason to be cautious as they do not want to run into trouble due to security issues or the consequence of faulty procedures on the developers’ end. Furthermore, as more homebuyers search for eye-catching and independent space outside urban communities, away from the humdrum of city life, a secure living environment becomes more necessary.

Over the years, there have been countless occasions where people have jeopardized their home security in a number of ways, even in well-designed housing projects. However, with the advent of home automation, this has become outdated. As security and protection have become increasingly important in the luxury housing segment, real estate developers have also become even more focused on providing optimum safety and security that are a step ahead, while balancing these factors with aesthetics, luxury, and convenience.

Investing in a luxury lifestyle comes with the added benefit of a secure lifestyle. An appealing part of purchasing such lavish homes is that such homes cover everything from having smart locking systems, panic buttons in living rooms, and gas leak sensors in the kitchen, to securing access with biometrics to prevent intruders. They also offer the best security features, such as fire safety equipment, guards on site 24 hours a day, high-quality CCTV cameras covering the entire building, ample lighting for safe access to the shared areas, restricted entrance for non-residents, records of vehicles travelling in and out of the gated community, and fire safety equipment accessible everywhere. Furthermore, luxury home developers ensure that the properties are close to hospitals and clinics, so that health-related emergencies can be addressed immediately in the event of a crisis.

A Rosy Future Awaits the Luxury Housing Segment

A luxury home buyer’s search today involves checking out how secure the house is and how much privacy it offers. Therefore, having all of these security factors in place provides luxury homebuyers with an amazing sense of fulfilment as well as peace of mind that their families are safe. Given the circumstances, it makes sense to assume that the luxury housing segment in India is going to remain strong over the next few years because of the abundance of lavish amenities and the necessity for full-fledged security that they provide.

(By Santosh Agarwal, CFO & Executive Director, Alpha Corp)

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