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World Blood Donor Day 2021: Why there is a dip in blood donation due to covid -19

A statistic says about the requirement of 13.5 million blood donation only 11 million...

Coronavirus India News Live Updates: Covid Unlock 3 starts in Delhi as instances fall All shops, restaurants to reopen today

The Covid-19 scenario in India is enhancing. The nation has been reporting beneath 1...

World Blood Donor Day 2021: Impact of Covid-19 on blood donation

The novel coronavirus illness has disrupted blood transfusion services world-wide.By Dr. Asha OjhaWorld blood...

Kumbh Mela: Three-member committee to probe into ‘fake’ Covid reports issued by labs

Kumbh Mela 2021, held from April 1 to April 30, saw lakhs of devotees...

Coronavirus stays on surfaces of hospitals, floors of patient rooms: Study

New Covid study finds SARS-Cov-2 on hospital surfacesNew study on Coronavirus: The researchers found...


Now Work from Hotel! IRCTC presents Nature travel plans for Puri, Konark & Gopalpur see prices & other details

Those interested can decide on destinations amongst Konark, Puri and Gopalpur.IRCTC Work from Hotel...

Airbnb, Oyo, Yatra & EaseMyTrip join hands to kind Confederation of Hospitality, Technology and Tourism Industry

The worry of contracting the virus has also prompted men and women to...

CHATT to increase domestic tourism! Airbnb, EaseMyTrip, OYO, Yatra

Following this, CHATT’s founding members conveyed optimism about ‘filling the missing pieces of tech,...

Travel throughout COVID-19 2nd wave: More than 95 per cent of travel bookings are for one-way trips: Rajiv Subramanian, Cleartrip

Rajiv Subramanian,VP, CleartripHow will India’s travel segment tackle muted travel bookings that have cast...

World Environment Day 2021: Tourists get in touch with for sustainable travel practices to minimise harm to planet

Sustainable travel refers to an increasingly preferred notion which seeks to mix travel with...



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