In this hilarious video, a lady complains about returning to workplace immediately after months of working from dwelling.

Last year, as the coronavirus-induced lockdown shut down offices and public transport, a lot of providers produced the abrupt shift to working from dwelling. As a consequence, for pretty much one year now, millions of pros have been working from the comforts of their residences – a phenomenon which has provided rise to some hilarious ‘WFH blunders’ and set pajama sales soaring. 

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However, with the roll-out of the Covid vaccine and a dip in infection price, a quantity of offices are starting to reopen – even although a lot of are not delighted about saying goodbye to the a lot of benefits of working from dwelling. One such unhappy employee not too long ago shared a hilarious video ranting about the move back to workplace, and the video has gone viral for its extremely relatable content. 

Instagram user Harjas Sethi posted a funny video final week in which she named out, in no uncertain terms, her company’s selection to ask workers to return to work. 

Meri rooh kaamp rahi hai (I shake at the thought of going back to office),” she says in the clip prior to proceeding to query the wisdom of returning to the classic workplace model.

“I want to ask them why they even want to do this [ask employees to work from office]. Everyone is happy, your revenue is increasing, you are saving on transport costs and other facilities,” she says in Hindi, with a deadpan face. Ms Sethi then goes on to say that she has learnt to live in pajamas immediately after packing away her jeans and trousers. “Ho na paayega (it won’t be possible),” she says, referring to the return to physical workspaces from virtual meeting rooms. 

The ending of the video is maybe the funniest. After finishing her rant, Ms Sethi requests her employers not to fire her immediately after watching the video.

The clip was initial posted to Instagram a week ago, but gained viral focus immediately after it was shared on Twitter this morning. 

Since becoming posted a couple of hours ago, the rant has racked up more than 67,000 views and practically 3,000 ‘likes’ – such as one from PayTM founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma. 

Many Twitter customers took to the comments section to say that they identified the video really relatable.

“Seriously. It’s like, she is hearing my thoughts like Professor Charles Xavier and then making a video about it,” wrote one.

“WFH for past 1 year!! Now, I’d rather attempt Everest climb than go back to the commute,” a further agreed.

Ms Sethi took to Twitter to thank viewers for showering her video with adore and praise. “Hahah I’m glad you like the video. I posted it on Instagram handle @vellijanani for fun and joined Twitter only to see all the love,” she wrote.

Would you rather go back to workplace or work from dwelling? Let us know making use of the comments section.

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