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Friends-Inspired Questionnaire For Flatmate In Bengaluru Goes Viral

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Many Twitter users loved the questionnaire but had many other questions. (Representative Photo)

House hunting has always been a tough job for people who have to move to a different city. But a woman in Bengaluru faced a weird questionnaire from occupants of a flat, who said ability to pay money is not the only criteria.

The experience shared by woman in the form of a Twitter post is now viral.

“Apartment hunting in Bengaluru seems to be a cultural interview round these days,” the woman named Astha said in her tweet, sharing the questionnaire.

Apart from regular questions about her eating habits and office hours, it also had a question about superheroes. “If you come home one evening you find Spiderman, Batman, Iron Man, Captain America and Black Widow chilling in the room, who would you hit on,” was one of the question from other members living in the house.

“Are you Rachel, Monica or Phoebe?” another question asked.

A large number of Twitter users jumped in to comment on Ms Astha’s post, and among them was Pakhi Sharma, who claimed to be one of the creators of the questionnaire.

“@AsthaPasta16 thanks for making our interview viral. When you have 150 applications, filtering is a must. Just being able to pay rent is no criteria, @Devina18Kumar @ChasiaNeha we did well!” Ms Sharma said, tagging the fellow residents.

Many users loved the questionnaire but had many other questions.

“Why are they still doing a FRIENDS personality quiz in 2022,” said a user. “What’s w the superhero hit on list and why isn’t thor on it,” commented another.

Many people shared their own experience and said they would never reply to this nonsense.

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