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Desi Twitter’s Can Relate Moment With Pulitzer Winner Megha Rajagopalan Text From Dad

New Delhi:

The web is filled with memes on just how challenging it is to impress Indian parents and there is no denying the tinge of truth in it. Though the notion that Indian parents are very academic and outcome oriented generally borders on the stereotypical, there are numerous funny posts on social media to add credence to this belief. And now, Indian-origin journalist Megha Rajagopalan from BuzzFeed News, who not too long ago received the Pulitzer Prize, shared with the world just how sparing and understated Indian fathers could be with their praise. 

In a Twitter post that has gone viral because it was shared on Saturday, Ms Rajagopalan’s father can be seen congratulating his daughter with a basic, “Well done.”

In the screengrab shared by the journalist, her father wrote, “Congratulations Megha. Mom just forwarded me. Pulitzer Prize. Well done.” To this Ms Rajagopalan replied, “Thanks!!” Sharing the photo, she wrote, “Understated Indian dad reaction.”

The father’s reaction resonated with numerous customers on Twitter, with Indian Twitteratti saying that he had pulled off the excellent “Indian dad” response to the circumstance. Author and producer, Meena Harris mentioned that Ms Rajagopalan’s father could pretty effectively be waiting for her to bag the Nobel Prize next.

Exclamation points are reserved for the Nobel Prize only, one more user mentioned.

Mimicking a frequent line of discussion that Indian parents adopt even though asking their youngster to aim greater, one user mentioned, “Just one Pulitzer? Why not two? Only one of your articles during all the year was okay?”

Another Twitter user also applied the chance to hint at the typical Indian parents’ preference for medical professional and engineer jobs.

Several other individuals mentioned that the proud father would be busy sharing the news with family and pals.

Take a  look at some of the other reactions

Ms Rajagopalan received the honour along with two other contributors, Alison Killing and Christo Buschek, for investigative reports on a vast infrastructure of prisons and mass internment camps secretly constructed by China for detaining hundreds of thousands of Muslims in its restive Xinjiang area.

In addition to Ms Rajagopalan, one more Indian-origin journalist Neil Bedi from Tampa Bay Times also won the Pulitzer Prize. He received the honour for nearby reporting.

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