Union Minister Pralhad Joshi on Tuesday slammed former Congress chief Rahul Gandhi for opposing the Centre’s 3 farm laws. He stated Gandhi was attempting to turn out to be an “actor on a tractor”. “If you are in favour of APMC, then, why is there no APMC in Kerala,” the minister stated. Joshi also reminded Gandhi that his government in Punjab has brought a law below which a farmer who breaks the agreement could be sent to jail.

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While this being the case in Punjab, the Congress party and its leader have been targeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Centre, saying that the 3 farm laws will enable corporates to take away farmers’ land in case of a breach of agreement. The Centre, nonetheless, has repeatedly clarified that there is no such provision in the 3 laws that enables private players to take more than lands of farmers in case the agreement is not honoured.

Under new reforms, the Centre says, the agreement among farmers and private traders will take place only on make, not on land. The BJP leaders say when the Centre’s laws do not have any provision to punish farmers, the Congress government in Punjab certainly has a law below which farmers can be sent to jail. Today, Pralhad Joshi reminded the Wayanad MP of this specific aspect. “Rahul Gandhi, your government in Punjab has brought a law under which a farmer who breaks the agreement could be sent to jail.”

The minister also slammed the Congress for fighting the Left in Kerala but supporting it in West Bengal. “LDF and UDF are fighting in Kerala. ‘Kushti’ in Kerala, ‘dosti’ in Delhi and other places. See the hypocrisy of these parties. Mamata Banerjee supported Congress in Delhi but not doing the same in West Bengal as Congress has become a liability on various regional parties,” he stated.

“Hypocrisy of the Left is that they’re supporting Congress in Delhi, West Bengal. They (Congress and Left) are friends in West Bengal, Tamil Nadu also. You don’t want to believe Politburo in Kerala but do in West Bengal: I ask Rahul Gandhi do you believe in democracy or hypocrisy,” Pralhad Joshi stated.

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