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Coronavirus: Hong Kong Bans Passenger Flights From Indonesia: Extremely High Risk

Hong Kong, China:

Hong Kong will ban passenger flights from Indonesia from Friday, deeming the country’s arrivals “extremely high risk” for the coronavirus.

The Hong Kong government stated late on Wednesday it was suspending flights right after the quantity of imported COVID-19 instances from Indonesia crossed thresholds set by the international monetary hub.

Hong Kong has currently banned arrivals from India, Nepal, Pakistan and the Philippines, employing a flight suspension rule triggered when there are 5 or more passengers who test positive for one of the variant COVID-19 instances on arrival, or 10 or more passengers located to have any strain of the illness though in quarantine.

The Chinese unique administrative area has recorded more than 11,800 instances and 210 deaths due to the coronavirus. Most of the city’s current instances more than the previous month have been imported.

Indonesia’s Foreign Ministry stated in a statement that Hong Kong’s ban was “temporary” and that migrant workers impacted by the new regulation must speak to their employers and agents.

Hong Kong employs thousands of migrant workers from nations like Indonesia and the Philippines.


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