The festival showcases the colourful culture of Rajasthan by means of many activities, competitions, and cultural performances. (Rajasthan Tourism Twitter)

Covid, despair, and dampened spirits mark the festivities of 2020 but with the advent of vaccines against Coronavirus, the vibes are steadily creating comeback. Encompassing the vivid colours of Rajasthan’s glorious culture, the iconic ‘Maru Mahotsav’ or ‘Desert Festival’ returns to Jaisalmer. A globally famed annual festival, the Mahotsav was held back final year due to the COVID pandemic along with other main social and public events. However, as the festival requires spot amid security measures and COVID prevention recommendations, it also marks the return of other designated festivities.

Rajasthan is house to various festivals of worldwide prestige, the tourism division has categorised the festivals in 41 minor, 9 medium and 15 substantial events. In addition, there are lots of privately promoted cultural and other events that attract a substantial quantity of guests. All these have been on hold but are creating a gradual return with “Maru Mahotsav” in the lead.

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The 3 day Desert Festival has began on February 24 and in consideration of the COVID scenario it has an enhanced concentrate on live broadcast also this year.

The festival is obtaining fascinating events like the performing of renowned singer Khailash Kher, moustache and turban tying competitions as nicely as a sand art show, camel decorative show and musical and cultural shows. The highlights of “Desert Festival 2021” in Jaisalmer are Night Bazar till 1 am, theme restaurant at a fort, all monuments to stay open till 11 pm, light and sound show every single day from 10.11 pm through the festival.

District Administration appealed to residents of the district to decorate their houses through the festival and make ‘rangolis’ in front of their homes. Owners of homes most effective decorated will be awarded by the administration. Signages in the Golden City have been coloured with a golden yellow colour.

The live broadcast of “Maru Mahotsav-2021” is becoming performed on YouTube, Instagram handles of Rajasthan Tourism, the official stated. Digital walls have installed at railway stations, airports, and other locations in the city to provide vacationers with information and facts about the every day programmes at the festival.

The festival showcases the colourful culture of Rajasthan by means of many activities, competitions, and cultural performances. One can witness folk performances, fascinating competitions, and beauty pageants through the 3-day-extended annual festival at Jaisalmer. Apart from this, exquisite handicrafts will be displayed at the fair.

“Rajasthan is known for its colourful culture and our festivals are a reflection of the same. These have traditionally attracted visitors from all over the world,” stated Nishant Jain, Director, Department of Tourism, Rajasthan. He also stated, “Unfortunately, the pandemic of COVID halted these for almost a year, however, due to effective control on the disease in the state, we are now confidently opening up with safety measures.”

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