For every person, the app will come up with a suggestion that they can adopt to decrease their carbon footprint.

The union territory of India and the joint capital of Punjab and Haryana- Chandigarh will now be monitoring the carbon footprint in the city. Despite becoming one of the green cities obtaining about 45 per cent of green cover, when it comes to air high quality, it is nevertheless a aspect of 112 Indian cities that do not meet the prescribed requirements. A report by The IE noted that the air high quality of the city residence to 11 lakh folks, has been deteriorating owing to vehicular pollution and emissions generated inside the neighbouring states like Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh.

It is to note that Chandigarh does not have any main industrial region and in truth has a per capita density of 878 autos per 1,000 population. In order to decrease the carbon footprint, the city has now its personal Carbon Watch- an app that will be accessing the carbon footprint of all men and women residing there. Everyone can access the app, on the other hand, there are some distinct alternatives for these who have been living in Chandigarh, so that a detailed study can be compiled.

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According to the report, the mobile app can be downloaded through a QR code in Android supported smartphones. To be certain, carbon footprint can be counted as the quantity of greenhouse gases (mostly carbon dioxide) that is becoming released into the atmosphere by an person. Chandigarh residents will have to fill in some facts that involve info on Energy, Water, Waste Generation and Transport (Vehicular movement). Under the sections, folks will have to inform about their water consumption, electrical energy units that are consumed each and every month (month-to-month electrical energy bills and if solar power is employed), waste generation of the household and what sort of transportation do every person and their household members use.

This will enable the app to calculate the carbon footprint of the person. Apart from this, info on carbon footprint at the national level and globe typical of the emission will be provided. Citing Debendra Dalia, Director, UT Environment Department, the report mentioned that this will make folks “Climate-Smart Citizens” and will retain them alert relating to carbon footprint. The thought behind this app is to make folks conscious of their carbon contribution so that some methods can be taken to decrease it.

The mobile application, as per the report, is capable of suggesting techniques that will aid decrease the carbon footprints. For every person, the app will come up with a suggestion that they can adopt to decrease their carbon footprint.

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