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Recently, Anurag Kashyap’s daughter, Aaliyah posted a image of her in lingerie on her Instagram deal with. Post that she faced a lot of backlash from netizens. In a current Q & A video on YouTube lately, she stated, “Social media negativity is something I have come to terms with. I am a sensitive person and even the smallest bit of hate does affect me. “ Today, she yet again opened up about the hatred she received over her picture in underwear, which she posted on her Instagram. These trolls affected her a lot and in her recent post, she wrote, “Ever since I posted a photo of me in lingerie, I have been getting the most vile, degrading and disgusting comments.”

Slamming the hypocrisy of people, Aaliyah wrote, “We seem to be a country that will hold candle marches for a woman after she’s been sexually assaulted but won’t protect a woman while she is alive.” And the truth is women in India grow up being sexualized their whole lives. “ She further mentioned that she was sexually assaulted by a middle-aged man when she was a minor. “The double standard is that many of the people who have harassed me, along with many other woman, are hypocrites,” she added. Aaliyah also revealed that she felt like deleting Instagram and ignore the harassment but she wanted to speak about it because this kind of comments contributes to the ‘rape culture’.

“TW: sexual assault, rape || Thank you @shaiwriting for helping me put my thoughts and feelings into words 🤍, ” she captioned the post. Take a look at Aaliyah’s post right here.

Towards the finish of the post, she wrote, “Nothing I do or post is an invitation for sexual assault. Nothing any lady does, ever can be. This is my body, my life, and I opt for what I want to do with it. “

Anurag Kashyap is however to comment on this.

: Anurag Kashyap’s daughter Aaliyah Kashyap opens up on mental harassment following her pic wearing lingerie went viral

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