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AGM Investment: Becoming the finest Financial Consultancy and Trading Coach in India

India observes the largest new start-up penetration and it is the third largest start-up hub in the world. In 2020 alone, it added new 1600 start-ups. Out of these 1600 new start-ups, we saw 7 new unicorns that emerged in the Indian market which is huge.

If you are thinking that who advise these start-ups, agencies, solo entrepreneurs and businesses and lead them to the path of financial superiority, It is the financial consultancies. Here in this article, we are talking about AGM Investment which is one of the best financial consultancies in Country region currently serving to plethora of clients belonging to different industries and niches. We will discover how they work and how did they manage to become the industry leaders?

Ever wondered how an inspiring financial mogul does it? Well, the secret might be AGM Investment. Navneet Maheshwari is a managing director of this company which has been performing exceptionally well in the market lately, thanks in large part to Navneet’s background as a stock market investor and trader with experience in the industry. Recently this 27-year-old was seen sitting down for interviews for some leading media houses where he gave tips to other investors hoping to make money from trading stocks and shared how does his consultancy help businesses and entrepreneurs make money.

AGM Investment is one of the most well-known investment firms in its niche and has proven again and again that it is especially good at handling a multitude of clients as their portfolio continues to grow. They have helped people with several aspects of business operations like mergers and acquisitions, capital projects, etc., but what makes them shine among the rest is that they are great at being able to help their clients make extremely critical decisions for their businesses or bigger picture plans.

Founder of AGM Investment who started his career as a stock trader has learnt a lot from his mistakes and as of now, he understands both about the market and what does it take for a company to make it big in the market. These combinations of Navneet Maheshwari’s understanding about different aspects of the market is what allows him to make AGM Investment stand out of the crowd. 

Currently providing services like mergers, acquisitions, revenue forecasting, stock market investing consultations, etc, AGM Investment definitely has plans to take their consultancy to the next curve and they have decided to do so by modifying and expanding some of their existing services that they hold expertise of. They have also been teaching people about how to make money in the stock market and has already helped many to switch their careers as a full-time trader.As of now,they are providing tailormade sessions from basic to advanced levels with in-depth chart analysis. More than 20 strategies specialized for Nifty, Bank Nifty and Stock Options are taught. The company offers different kinds of membership plans according to client budget and needs.We wish AGM Investment to expand successfully into new territories and keep doing the best as they do for that will inspire the rest of us to push our limits.You can follow him on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/agminvestment/and get to know more about his journey.

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