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5 surprising points that turn your cashless well being insurance coverage into an out-of-pocket nightmare

But picking cashless well being insurance coverage is a lot easier stated than accomplished.

By Matilde Giglio 

In FY21, well being insurance coverage witnessed a 13.3% development in gross direct premium (GDPI). And the on line person insurance coverage marketplace chance is estimated to develop to $1.25 bn by FY25

Even persons who have been distrustful of insurance coverage firms and depended on individual savings to spend for healthcare expenditures ahead of the pandemic have discovered that individual savings are grossly insufficient for healthcare emergencies.

As such, there is an elevated demand for cashless insurance coverage that can provide sufficient protection against unexpected healthcare charges. But picking cashless well being insurance coverage is a lot easier stated than accomplished. Besides the usual suspects like co-spend, deductibles, sub-limits and space rent capping, there are curveballs that can expose your bank balance to dip into red.


Over 60% of your healthcare costs are attributed to Outpatient Department (OPD) costs such as going to a medical professional, paying for prescriptions and diagnostics tests. According to reports, Indians take a look at a medical professional 3 occasions a year on typical and a diagnostic test is prescribed in each and every 3.5 consultations.

According to the 75th NSO well being survey, persons who do not require hospitalisation outnumber these who do by 122 occasions in urban India.

Yet, most insurance coverage plans are nonetheless purchased to cover for hospitalisation charges which suggests when you are paying premiums while also spending a big chunk of your savings on out-of-pocket well being costs.

Insurance businesses now provide well being covers with OPD. But there are either caps on the annual costs or an introduction of co-spend. All this with an raise in your premium vs premium paid for only IPD. So decide on a program that provides you sufficient OPD coverage.


The IRDAI commonly has a list of up to 200 things of non-payables or non-healthcare costs that it exempts insurance coverage businesses from paying. For instance, an arm sling, mask, urine bags, clean sheets, visitors’ pass, healthcare records and so forth. All of these have to be borne by the patient or their family out of pocket in the course of hospitalisation. On typical, these costs account for 10% of your hospital bill. But we’ve seen them go up as higher as 50% in the course of the pandemic.

Insurance businesses are working towards decreasing the list of non-payables to appeal to buyers and minimize the percentage expense borne by the patient.

Ambulance charges

Ambulance charges are payable by the insurance coverage business but even the ideal insurance coverage plans cover ambulance costs only up to Rs 10,000. Calling an ambulance in a city like Bangalore charges about Rs 2000 for the initially 10 km and Rs 120 per added kilometer with waiting charges of Rs 250 per hour.

Uncontrolled hospital atmosphere

Nobody can accurately predict what you will finish up spending immediately after you enter a hospital. A standard medical professional take a look at may possibly comply with a series of unexpected tests, a surgery with regular line of remedy may possibly meet with complications shooting up the final expense.

An uncalculated choice in picking the sum insured can lead you to spend surprise charges at the hospital that your insurance coverage business can not be held accountable for.

You’re acquiring well being insurance coverage for the worst case situation so if you can afford a greater premium, you really should go for a higher sum insured. Most individual finance specialists suggest a minimum well being cover of Rs 5 lakh or at least at least 50% of your annual earnings.

Your active life style

It is ironic that an active life style can negatively influence your hospital encounter. But here’s why that could come about. All well being insurance coverage plans have permanent exclusions for injuries arising from sports or adventurous activities. So if you are active and take pleasure in taking dangers, superior hold some added alter in your pocket.

The devil is in the particulars when picking a well being cover for your self and your family. Investing in a cover that can safeguard your finances against healthcare inflation is more essential than ever.

(The author is the COO and Co-founder of Even. Views are individual and not necessarily that of The Spuzz Online.)

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